The Number Machine

My memory is horrible so its great to be able to look back and have a few insights into whatever is going on, its also been great to celebrate progress and physically see change! I’ve had a few doctors appointments where I’ve told them Im tired and they’ve asked me how different things have been going, and I have absolutely no idea what to say, I literally couldn’t remember!

I’ve used a few different tools to try and track what my body has been going through, heres a couple of the customised versions I’ve made.

Im a bit of numbers head (I’ll admit, I get a little too into seeing the lines and columns change every day…), but the best option I’ve come up with is a spreadsheet, (heres an empty version of mine, with a weeks worth of data to help you see what Im going for). Google Drive spreadsheets has been great for this, it means I can use my phone to answer the questions once a day so it becomes much more possible, and a lot less work than pulling out my laptop. I can even log when I remember things throughout the day if I need to.

Another thing I’ve tried was a form I made, for once a day entry, from a simple web URL.
I told it to ask me questions that I wanted to record about the day, (you can view it here). I didnt really use it that much because the spreadsheet suited me better. But I’d be interested in seeing how easy is to make a new version for any one who’s interested, comment below and let me know what you think!

Hope its helpful!


Download Resource: Symptom Tracker (.xlsx)
View Resource: Symptom Tracker (URL, spreadsheet)

View Resource: Symptom Tracker (URL, friendly version)



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