Fish for Dinner

I name you ‘stack of de Nile’

Basil Lime Nile Perch with smashed sweet potato and broccolini


The lunchbox

Last weeks lunch box was overflowing!

  • Morning Tea: Homemade original hummus & carrot sticks
  • Lunch: salmon & sweet potato chick pea patties, with broccoli. + carrot & cinnamon almond meal muffin
  • Afternoon Tea: banana + mandarin
  • … Afternoon Tea 2: green smoothie, with macadamia nuts.

Talk soon!


The Number Machine

My memory is horrible so its great to be able to look back and have a few insights into whatever is going on, its also been great to celebrate progress and physically see change! I’ve had a few doctors appointments where I’ve told them Im tired and they’ve asked me how different things have been going, and I have absolutely no idea what to say, I literally couldn’t remember!

I’ve used a few different tools to try and track what my body has been going through, heres a couple of the customised versions I’ve made.

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Meal plans

I’ve been doing a few different meal plans, and I’ve been chatting to a few people who might get some use out of the ones I’ve done. So I’ll work on getting them together to share with you all.

They’ll include:

  • a meal schedule (3 busy days + 4 quiet days with more prep time)
  • a shopping list
  • a prep list

Speak soon!


Winter Is Coming!

Even though all my inspiration cooks seem to be celebrating salads and summer smoothies… Im getting too excited about all that comes with the cold weather – winter air on cold cheeks, warm socks and ugg boots, crazy sweaters, netball and unwelcome netball tan lines.
oh the things we’ll cook! Slow cooked beef, broths, apple crumble, roast pork dinners, and I’m excited to see what else I can find!